The Best Restaurants in Florence

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V All that walking around with your nose pointing up observing all the beautiful architecture the city offers is very distracting, but all of the sudden you feel a bite to the stomach, and a little lightheaded too. Maybe you are far away from your Tuscany apartments, and all the restaurants located in the city center become delicious, even those with the waiter trying to lure you in, even the tourist pizza place that would make a Pizza Hut a pizza haven. Alas! Stir away from the waiter and shut your eyes in front of the mushy pizza. You deserve to eat where they serve real food, one that after your first course is over still makes you crave for more.
The following restaurants are five suggestions that will make your holiday in Florence even more memorable. You see, food in Italy, and especially in Tuscany, is an art, and should be given its just recognition at every meal. Sure, you cannot always eat at the best place, but you are on a vacation, a tiny handful of days in a year that should be lived at your best! All in all, you work the rest of the year for these moments.
I’ll tell you right out: these suggestions are not cheap. In fact, one of them is perhaps the most expensive restaurant in the whole wide world. I tried to give a balanced range of suggestions, but great quality and taste does not come cheap. Without further ado, here they are.

The first one is Perseus that you can find in Piazza Mino in Fiesole. If you love meat this is where you have to be. At the entrance you have all the raw meat on display, so you can see what’s best for you. This also is a historic place: it saw Garibaldi repose from his revolutionary fatigues. The location is also fantastic. Fiesole is just above Florence and dominates the Renaissance city with spectacular views. The terrace is the perfect place to eat out in the summer. The menu is traditionally Tuscan, and the Florentine steak is better than in your wildest dreams. Price range: medium

But if you love fish, then you should go to Il Povero Pesce that you can find in Via Pier Fortunato Calvi in Florence. The main ingredient is always fresh fish, which is prepared by the skillful chef with great fantasy and presented so to please the eye. The ambient is very cordial and welcoming, while the terrace with its roof of vines is the perfect pergola for your summer nights in the city. The indoors are very loyal to the seaside ambient, and the cellar offers many great choices. Price range: medium

Another great choice for fresh food is Florence restaurant Cibreo in Via del Verrocchio. The choice of the owner that founded it 32 years ago has always been to only use ingredients available each day. No frozen or canned goods are used, and the refrigerator is almost unused. Fresh fish, meat and vegetables are employed to craft dishes that go with the season. Even oil preserves are prepared in house. The ambient is very nice and warm. Price range: medium-high

The last two suggestions are definitely in the higher price range, but deservedly so as they took the effort to craft their corner of uniqueness. The first one is La Giostra in Borgo Pinti. You do not find a restaurant run by the princes of Hapsburg Lorena everyday, such as this one is. In a homely ambient, well appointed but not snooty, you will be served ancient Tuscan recipes that were reinvented to suite modern-day taste. The castle of the family near Florence brings in the fine wine and the olive oil. Price range: high

To end with a bang the last suggestion could be nothing else but Enoteca Pinchiorri. Via Ghibellina is the house of the Eighteenth century palace accommodating the restaurant. Here you are obliged to enter with a dinner jacket and the average course is no lower than 140 Euros. The wine list starts at 320 Euros, but no one knows where it ends. To compensate for the high expense, you are given great service, a magnificent presentation and quality of food. Of course the ambient is just a tad snooty, but you expect that. Decadently overpriced, it will be your lifetime present to yourself. Price range: peak-high