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Wedding at Villa Castellaccia

Posted by on Jun 14, 2010 in blog, Useful, wedding, Where to Stay | 0 comments

It is always a nice happening when you are invited to a wedding. Especially if the wedding is in Tuscany and even more so when the location is a wonderful villa with private park and restaurant.
That is what happened to me, when some friends of mine decided to marry in Italy. I suggested Tuscany as one of the most wonderful areas in Italy where you can still find gorgeous wedding locations that are not overly expensive.
After a few months they came back to me with the official invitation and the location at a gorgeous villa near Grosseto, in southern Tuscany. The name of the villa is Villa Castellaccia, which I had never heard of before. Therefore I was expecting the wedding day with trepidation. The whole wedding ceremony and the reception was held at the villa’s park, both outdoors during a wonderful hot day.
Upon arrival the gate opens up the private way under secular oak trees. Then the garden opens up with the villa on the left. This section of the garden is rich of tall trees with flourishing t