Car Rentals in Tuscan Towns

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Ecar rental at the airport, or in a large city! But for your traveling needs you might need to find a car rental in a smaller town, maybe far from airports and main cities such as Florence or Pisa. You may want to travel to a town by train or bus and then…you need a car rental. If there are none in the vicinities, what will you do?
Here I have grouped some car rentals that you will be able to easily find and contact to make arrangements prior to your departure to get to Tuscany. Many are local ones, others are a franchise of larger car rental chains, some rent just cars, while others rent vans and minivans with or without driver, do transfers to and from airports, and some others are able to drop your car off where you need it and pick it up in the same place.

Chiusi is an important city for those who land in Rome and get to Tuscany by train. Chiusi is the first Tuscan stop after Rome, and you may find a car rental at

In Siena you can find Easy Terra Autonoleggio

Empoli, Calenzano and Poggibonsi (near SanGimignano) are served by Nolcar at which also provides minibus and van and long term rentals.

Grosseto has several options: Autonoleggio AD RENTAL v. Ambra, 28 Phone +39 0564451384 - Autonoleggio AVIS v. Telamonio, 40 Phone +39 0564494682 - Autonoleggio HERTZ Vl. Monte Rosa, 41 Phone +39 0564450440 - Autonoleggio EUROPCAR v. Verdi, 11 Phone +39 800014410 - Autonoleggio ARZILLIBUS v. Verdi, 11 Phone +39 056421008 - Autonoleggio D’AMBRA GIUSEPPE, v. Tripoli, 84 Phone +39 056429115D - M. AUTONOLEGGIO, v. Aurelia Nord 209 Phone +39 0564453860 - INFINITO VIAGGI v. Telamonio, 40 Phone +39 0564496588

Massa Carrara is a very important part of Tuscany, set on the northernmost tip and very close to beauties such as Cinque Terre in Liguria. A car rental here is to be found at

Pistoia offers cars and minibus rentals at Anar From Pistoia one can easily reach FLorence or the wonderful Abetone Mountains for summer and winter vacations.

Livorno is a very important maritime center and a wonderful city to visit and where to depart from to get to the Etruscan Coast or the wonderful Rosignano white-sand beaches. Here your car rental contact is with
Salacar in Calata Carrara Phone: +39 0586 885101 and with Soncin Edoardo in Piazzale Undici Maggio 7 Phone: +39 0586 205863.

Pisa and Florence provide a vast choice of car rentals at each respective airport.