Cavallucci of Siena - a Truly Tuscan Cookie!

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Yes, yes…Christmas is near, and with Christmas what do you get? Cookies!! Well you also get a lot of other stuff, but today I feel like writing about these delicious cookies, whose origin I ignore, but I love them much nevertheless!

As everything else you eat in Tuscany, even Cavallucci (little horses, that is) have the characteristic of having been invented by the poor and ingredientless housewives that populated the countryside in Tuscany.

Today, enriched with some better ingredient than the original receipe had, I present to you the Cavalucci of Siena!

Ingredients for 30 cookies:

150g of flour, 25 g of candy orange rind, 7g of anise, a teaspoon of cinnamon, half teaspoon of mixed spezie, 50 g of walnuts, 150g of sugar, half glass of water, one egg white, butter in order to grease the pan, and a pinch of baking powder or baking soda (Oh my! I totally forgot about baking soda! Thanks Judy!!).

The procedure:

Put in one bowl the flour, the minced candy orange rind, the crushed anise seeds, the minced cinnamon, spices and walnuts.
In a casserole mix the sugar with the water and put on the fire to boil.
When boiling mix in all the ingredients that you have prepared before, stir well and remove from the fire.
Turn this dense paste upside down on the table that you have previously covered with a thin layer of flour, left to cool down.
Then with your hands wet with egg white work in the dough to form a homogenous mass.
Spread the dough with the wooden or pin roll to obtain small rumbles of the height of half inch.
Put them in the oven on one buttered and flour-sprinkled oven pan for half hour approximately at the temperature of 160 Celsius and let the cavallucci dry, avoiding to let them darken.

The peculiarity is that while the cookies cook they turn into little horses! (I was kidding! So many of you believed it was true! He he! Sorry!)

They are called so in honor of the Palio of Siena and the horses running in it.

Enjoy the Cavallucci cookies after the Christmass dinner, or in front of a nicely lit fireplace!