Coastal Tuscany Towns: Cecina

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TTuscany coastal town of Cecina go back to the Iron Age: there are many archaeological remains that bear witness of the significant activity in this period, during which numerous lithic industries (stone products) dotted the river’s course.
The coastal area of the Cecina valley became a focal point during the period of maximum development of the Etruscan culture form the Seventh to the Fifth centuries BC. Organized communities in this period settled here and prospered thanks to trades with Cyprus, the Phoenicians, Egyptians and Greece. As evidence of this today we find several burial sites located near the Tuscan towns of Cecina, Casale Marittimo, Montescudaio and Bibbona. Particularly interesting is the Cinquantina Eighteenth-century villa, whose structure has become the headquarters of the Roman Etruscan Museum.
In the Sixties, international tourism developed on the coast: in this period hotels offering all modern comforts were built. From that period are the restaurants where you can taste the seafood specialties of the area. Seaside resorts, campgrounds, private homes for rent, and other accommodations are also available to spend your holidays at this coastal Tuscany town.
Along the Coast of the Etruscans you will find the famous state pine woods of Cecina. It was built by Grand Duke Leopold of Tuscany to protect crops from the salt influence over the crops near the sea. It extends over 15 kilometers of land and constitutes a wonderful retreat for sports, resting and a beautiful trait of landscape.
The coastal town of Cecina is called Marina di Cecina. It is an ideal destination for those who want to spend relaxing holidays without missing out the many opportunities for fun and entertainment that are offered in this location. Visitors can enjoy clear waters and long, wide beaches of soft sand, surrounded by wild Mediterranean scrub. You are free to enjoy the many seaside resorts or stretches of free access beach in close contact with nature. The sand dunes in the beautiful pine forest allow tourists to enjoy long walks and horseback promenades thanks to the many riding stables surrounding the beach. Sports and recreational boating lovers will find in Cecina the ideal holiday destination. The town offers various sailing and swimming schools. Those with their own boat can land and moor in the large marina.
Not to be missed are the white beaches that so remind of the Caribbean shores. Located just a few kilometers from Cecina going towards Rosignano Solvay you will be bewildered by the sight. The white sand is given by particles of nacre (mother of pearl) while the crystal clear blue sea resembling a Polynesian atoll make of these beaches a popular destination even from other Tuscany coastal towns.

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