Daily Cruises in The Tuscan Archipelago

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Adaily cruises in the Tuscan archipelago by Blunavy, here I will talk about another company that provides a similar service, although with varying routes, schedules and prices.

Toscana Mini Crociere offers mini cruises to Capraia, Pianosa, Giglio, Gianutri, Formiche di Grosseto, Elba, and Gorgona islands. Each cruise includes optional excursions to the inland of each destination island with specialized environmental guides that will also comment the navigation providing clarifications and curiosities on the waters you will be crossing.

The cruise to Capraia Island departs from Livorno at 8,15 am This is the only volcanic island of the archipelago and a former penal colony. Its wild aspect fascinates visitors, also because it practically is a desert island with less than 400 people residing there. The splendid cliffs make for another point of beauty of Capraia. Prior to landing on Capraia you will also shortly moor in Gorgona. The facultative guided excursions available include a visit of the historic center of the island, a nature hike or a visit to the penal colony, the circumnavigation of the island, or guided snorkeling to observe the splendid sea bottom of the island.
The cost of the cruise is 30 Euros for adults and 15 for children. You will return in Livorno at 7,30 pm.

To visit Pianosa you will depart from Castiglion della Pescaia at 8 am or Piombino at 9 am and return at 7 pm or 8 am respectively. Cruising along the Elba island, you will land in one of the most suggestive harbors of the Mediterranean. The island used to be a penal colony up to 1997, and is nowadays dishabited. The inland offers rich excursions to the abandoned village, the former penal colony, the paleochristian catacombs, and of the sea bottoms of Cala Giovanna. The optional guided excursions include snorkeling, a tour of the island on bus or horse cart, a biking tour of the penal colony, or a hike of the penal colony.
The cost is 54 Euros and 40 Euros for adults, 42 Euros and 30 Euros for children from Castiglion della Pescaia and Piombino respectively.

The cruise to Giglio, Giannutri and Formiche di Grosseto departs from Castigion della Pescaia at 9 am to return at 7,30 pm. After crossing the Formiche you will land on Giglio Island for a 4 hour self guided visit, or take part to an optional excursion. In the afternoon you will be brought to Giannutri where other tours are offered. Both island offer a splendid sea to swim in. The optional tours include a visit of the Castle of Giglio, guided snorkeling for each island, a hike of Giannutri and its reservation. On the way back you will coast along Argentario, Park of Uccellina and the Ombrone mouth. The cost is 20 Euros for adults, and 15 for children.

The visit to Elba and its minor islands departs form Castiglione della Pescaia at 9 am and returns at 7 pm. The navigation will continue to coast along Cerboli and Palmaiola to then land in Portoferraio for a 5 hour stay. The facultative tours include a visit of the historic center of Portoferraio, guided snorkeling tours, or a visit of the minerary park of Rio Marina (only for a minimum of 20 people). On the way back you will stop for a swim from the boat in the blue Mediterranean. The price per adult is 20 Euros, children 15 Euros.

Lastly, the visit dedicated to Gorgona departs from Livorno at 8,15 am and returns at 7,30 pm. You will need to reserve with an 8-day advance to obtain the pass for the penal colony that is still in existence. This is an experimental colony where inmates work free on the cultivated fields. The island is very well preserved and offers unique natural and historic aspects. Included in the price are the guided food samplings of the products made by the penal colony inmates. Price per adult 68 Euros, children 38 Euros.

Double check 2011 prices and schedules calling +39 334 2377941 or visiting www.toscanaminicrociere.it.