Etruscan Aqueduct in Chiusi Tuscany

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CEtruscan cities that ruled between the Seventh and Fifth centuries BC. Visitors find here rich information on this important civilization that has characterized the region of Tuscany.
According to a medieval legend, Porsenna, the Etruscan king, was buried inside a magnificent tomb set in an intricate labyrinth. For a long time popular tradition has identified the burial ground to be in Chiusi, which has a remarkable number of tunnels that intertwine in its underground . The legend also says that the king was kept in a sarcophagus, protected by a golden chariot pulled by 12 horses of the same metal.
This labyrinth is, in fact, an Etruscan aqueduct, consisting of tunnels of different sizes of about 1 meter wide and 2.5 meters high, arranged on multiple levels, where the water that filtered through the rocks was collected in large basins and drawn through wells.
The trail starts with a visit of the Cathedral Museum, in Piazza Duomo, ending in a large tank from the Etruscan-Roman period of the First century BC. The tank is circular and with a double-barrel vault, supported by a central pillar. The structure is made of blocks of travertine and the walls are coated with “cocciopesto” a mixture of clay fragments mixed with lime which made the tank water-tight.
From the tank, the way is up through a small spiral staircase, located at the base of the tower erected in the Twelfth century with defensive purposes and later transformed into a bell tower at the end of the 16th century with the addition of a belfry.
From the top of the tower you can admire a magnificent panorama: the picturesque roofs of the old town, the medieval fortress, the towers respectively named “Beccati Questo” and “Beccati Quello” (get this and get that) reminding us of the strong rivalry between Siena and Perugia, and admire the lakes and the mountains of the surrounding territory.

The tour is available within the following dates:
From June 1st to October 15th and from 4 to 6PM.
From October 16th to May 31st: from 10am to 12:45PM (during weekdays), and from 10am to 12:45PM and 3:30 to 6PM (during holidays). Upon booking groups are allowed visits beyond opening hours.
The price is 3 euros per person, 2,50 if in a group, and 2 euros for school groups.

Guided tours are available in Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, and Dutch. Visits in foreign languages must be booked in advance. An extra fee for the foreign speaking guide may be required.

The visit lasts 30 minutes and is an easy walk. Unfortunately no wheelchair access is available.

To reserve please contact: Phone +39 0578 227667 or email : [email protected]