Fagioli al Fiasco Recipe

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T If you are interested in Tuscany, this is a recipe you absolutely need to know, even if you have no intention of preparing it. It is part of the Tuscan heritage, and a great piece of conversation, too! Why? Well, as it has already been hinted to, to cook the beans you will not need pots, pans or skillets. You will only need a glass FIASCO! Yes, one of those Tuscan wine comes in. Flasks used to be very common throughout Italy, but for some reasons they are still used only in Tuscany. You will need to strip off the straw bottom of the flask, and you will be left with a round bulb of glass that will stay perfectly erect when placed on your stove top. For this you will also need the cork to place on top of the flask opening.
Fagioli al fiasco, or flask beans, only need very few ingredients, and a lot of cooking time!

These ingredients are for 6 people
- 500 grams of dry beans
- 6 fresh sage leaves
- 3 cloves of garlic
- extra virgin olive oil
- salt
- pepper grains

You will need to collect a Chianti wine flask (you can purchase one and enjoy the content) to cook the beans, remove the straw vest, and pour the dry beans inside. You may use a large funnel to complete the process, but your hands should be enough. Also introduce the unpeeled garlic, the sage, and half glass of extra virgin olive oil. Now add salt to taste and water to fill 3 quarters of the flask. Consider a flask is 2 liters. Cork the flask allowing room for the vapor to exit, and set it on the stove at the lowest heat possible for 4 hours. REMEMBER: the content must never boil. There are two good reasons for this: the first is that the glass may break or in case of violent boiling even explode, the second is that the water would evaporate too quickly and the beans would not cook. Originally, the flask was placed in a corner of the perpetually burning fireplace in Tuscan homes, set on a mix of embers and ash that would guarantee constant heat for a long time. Nowadays this method would require too much effort as habits have changed so much and fireplaces are lit only for few hours during the day. Plus, not every home has a fireplace.
Once the cooking process is done, you will notice only a little water left and that the oil has been absorbed by the beans. You can serve the beans hot or cold, adding fresh olive oil, salt and freshly ground pepper.