Friendly Tuscany Museums

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YItalian museums are much more visitor-friendly.
But Tuscany goes a step further. With “Amico Museo“, or friendly museums, it makes visits to its museums ever more accessible and popular. Like every year, albeit for a short period of time, hundreds of Tuscan museums participate to this initiative that sees increasingly curated exhibits and night opening hours. On May 15th, for one night only, you can visit Tuscan museums without that crazy crowd that somehow spoils the experience.
From May 1st until the 16th each museum participates with initiatives that do not offer anything unusual, but try to take particular care in providing the service they usually offer to visitors. This to increase and better their services and raise their standards. Some exhibits will be free while others have an entrance fee.
At “Amico Museo” there is a particular care given to hosting children and make them comfortable with these places of culture, usually considered boring by a child. Interactive games make children take passion into specific matters through play and group discovery. Like the Museum of Leonardo in Vinci. Here children can become young engineers rebuilding wooden models of Leonardo Da Vinci’s machines based on sketches and drawings and with the help of a guide.
The most intense week is the second one, from the 8th to the 16th, when the greatest majority of special events will take place in a great number of museums.
There are museums for all tastes and disciplines, located all over the Tuscan territory. From natural history to Etruscan museums, and from natural parks and outdoor permanent exhibits, to modern art and contemporary communication museums. Just to name a few and give you the dimensions of the vast museum variety you can encounter in Tuscany.
For more information please visit the translated version of the Italian only Amico Museo website here. The entire brochure with all the details can be found here. Italian only.