Good Pizza in Florence

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Pizzeria in florence

The veranda of Mamma Napoli

So you just arrived in Florence, or are planning to hit the town in a few days and would like to know where to find a good and inexpensive pizza restaurant in the city.

Eating a good pizza in Florence is not that hard. Unfortunately since there are a lot of tourists in town there also are a lot of tourist-trap restaurants and pizzerias.

In Piazza del Mercato Centrale you should give a try to a couple of Pizza places, where you can eat a good pizza sitting at a table, drinking a good beer or red wine.

One is the Napoealitan style pizza, and since pizza was invented in Neaples it’s also the original one. You can have it at Mamma Napoli, which opened a few months ago. It offers outdoor seating and is quite inexpensive. For a Margherita (cheese pizza) I paid 5 euros. Here their Trip Advisor page.

Trattoria pizzeria restaurant in florence

The outdoor veranda of Trattoria Garibardi

The other pizza style is the crunchier and thinner kind, which you can have at Garibardi, on the other side of the square from Mamma Napoli. I can’t remember the price here, but it should be a reasonable one. This one also offers many Tuscan restaurant dishes, which is good if you feel like trying out some local specialties. This one has been around for over 20 yeras and also offers outdoor seating. Check out their status on Trip Advisor.

Both restaurants are 20 seconds walking from Florence apartments Il Nido!