Halloween in Siena

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O The trail starts at the Botanic Garden, that hosts about 100 different flora species, some even poisonous, to finish off at the Italian Enoteca, an impressive example of Sixteenth century military architecture. Along the route there will be surprises and recounting of the mysterious story behind each place. The Halloween night in Siena also holds a novelty dedicated to children. A Fairy Guide will collect them at 3pm from Piazza del Campo taking them to Saint Augustine’ park. There a “haunted” bus will be waiting for them. On board animators will entertain the children until 6 pm with games about Halloween and the Middle Ages.
At dinner time, 20 restaurants will offer different menus at a promotional price ranging from 10 euros to 25 euros. The free guided urban hiking tours will depart at three different moments during the day, at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm. On the way there will be mysterious and scary apparitions, enacted by a theatrical company.
The tour starts at the Botanical Garden and its Nineteenth-century “stove”, a greenhouse that mimics the dense rainforest where large orchids with large colorful flowers grow besides disturbing, carnivorous plants and trees forming roots that sprout from the ground with tentacles.
The second stop is at number 50 of Via della Cerchia, to admire the painting on the wall of a man with a long beard. According to tradition this is the picture of a hermit or Giomo, the ghost that haunted the Botanical Garden. Then comes the turn of the “Madonna of the Crow.” The legend has it that a raven hit by the plague wanted to rest above the fresco, and died electrocuted by a lightning to prevent infecting the painting.
The next stop is at the Cathedral or Duomo of Siena, in particular at it “magic square“, a curious stone, which contains an esoteric message of 5 words that can be read from top to bottom and from right to left. During the Middle Ages it was used against evil forces.
Then the tour proceeds towards Fontebranda that, according to legend, holds a Spanish treasure hidden in the Sixteenth century.
The tour ends with a visit to the Italian Enotheque and its magnificent premises within the ramparts of the Medici Fortress. This is the most mysterious building, as no plan or design of the imposing military building is to be found! Finally, all urban hikers will be offered a glass of wine by the Enoteca.

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