Hot Air Balloning over Tuscany!

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Hot Air balloning is a great way to enjoy Tuscany (or any other beautiful place with lovely landscapes, for that matter)!

Hot air balloning is more and more popular in Tuscany and prices are going down as you see people of any age jumping on those large baskets and fly away for a 2 hours tour in the Tuscan skyes (towards the Tuscan sun, ok…my wife wants me to write that…anyways). Famous movies apart hot air balloning’s price is around 100 euros per person (down from 200 or more euros of few years ago).

The lovely thing about this fantastic experience is that you do not feel the height at all as the Tuscan landscape is so spread out, in addition to the fact that the flying altitude is very low and you could recognise peoples faces from up there.

The video is just 2 minutes and a half long. Enjoy it!