IMT Institute for Advanced Studies in Lucca

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AIMT (Institutions Markets Technologies) Institute for Advanced Studies was founded in Lucca with the aim to offer an international research ground with top quality professors and teaching facilities in the bliss offered by the city of Lucca, in Tuscany.

All teachers speak fluent English, and all classes are taught in English. Students are from a variety of countries all over the world, and its facilities provide top-notch teaching equipment and modern living solutions with all comforts. A new area of the school is currently being developed in a former convent and will host the new campus of IMT.

The institute indicts various calls for Ph.D. courses and applies harsh selection criteria to the many applicants that each session try to get into a program. With these courses the school wants to contribute to the formation of international leaders in the disciplines of technology, markets and institutions. The call for 2011 closed on October 28, 2010 and interested the four main areas of IMT.
The four main branches of the institute are: Political Systems and Institutional Change, Management and Development of Cultural Heritage, Economics Markets and Institutions, and Computer Science and Engineering.

Most importantly the school focuses on meritocracy as the fulcrum on which its structure stands. Both students and professors are accurately selected for their merits, breadth of experiences and contributions to the international academic and research landscape. About 100 students are currently enrolled at IMT and developing their Ph.D. careers, some in cooperation with prestigious foreign universities such as Harvard.

The campus is a modern arena where advanced studies can thrive more easily. Students are given personal free computer workstations, computer labs, and a modern library with a large availability of titles, both in hardcover and electronic formats. Half the students are currently on a Fulbright scholarship, which also includes the free accommodation in the historic center of Lucca. Access at the canteen is free for students and professors.
Undoubtedly the city of Lucca provides for the ideal location for students and researchers. The city is safe and small but not tiny, well-off yet friendly, it provides a wide variety of activities and is projected towards an international audience that naturally rids it of any provincialism. IMT has found a perfect location to grow, and it seems it is really heading towards the right direction. For more info, details and to apply