Italian Language schools in Tuscany

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reachable by many low- cost flights. In fact Pisa is the most important
international airport in Tuscany and it is well connected especially with
European countries.

I discovered in Pisa a charming town, with spectacular promenades
along the river. The population is young and friendly and the climate mild.
The weather is frequently good and the beach in Marina di Pisa or Tirrenia
is well connected by bus. It is also possible to reach in 15 minutes the
beach in Viareggio.

Also the connections between Pisa and Florence, Lucca, Rome, Venice and
Milan are very good. From there I had the opportunity to visit the main
destinations in Italy for a cheap price.

The language course I attended at Istituto Linguistico Mediterraneo was
very effective and enabled me to speak
correctly. At the language school I met many friends from all
over the world and there the Italian staff is helpful and friendly.

During the free time I had also the possibility to take part in many
activities like visits to Florence, to Cinque Terre and dancing and
drinking during beach parties and pizza parties.

The website is ILM - Italian language