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Llucca-comics-tuscanyfor 43 years has successfully grown and raised awareness on an important contemporary literary genre like comics. Along these 43 years the Lucca Comics and Games has evolved into a full fledged festival that is really worth attending to if you are passionate about the subject.
From October 29th to November 1st Lucca has hosted the event that this year was dedicated to the evolution of the species, honoring the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s theory and the bicentenary of the birth of the scientist. During these four days the whole world that revolves around comics, games, illustration and animation cinema has enveloped the city of Lucca at the Real Collegio and new areas like the bastion of San Paolino. The event dedicates a special section to auto production, called Self Area, and another one to Japan. The Self Area is the heart of the comic production, staged at the center of the exhibit. It bursts with drawing challenges and indie creations producing a mesmerizing live show.
The Japan Area, hosted in the cloisters and rooms of the Real Collegio that for the occasion have been transformed into Japanese rooms, is indeed contaminated by the verve of the Rising Sun with a list of events like Japanese language courses, Raku pottery, Shoda writing, Japanese crafts, and sales booths for every taste.
The city center has seen many performers marking each day with performances. The color and warmth of the event invaded the whole town of Lucca exploding into music and drawings on the San Paolino.
For those that would like to have a better understanding of all that the Lucca Comics and Games has to offer, the official website of the event provides for a great source of info at

If you have never been there, you have to make it next year, and if you have already, you know you will go back!

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