Lunigiana Castle Trail

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This is a journey to rediscover the Via Francigena through the castles and fortresses overlooking the hills of Lunigiana. Medieval towns with long living traditions, rich in history and surrounded by nature. An ancient road that is still full of fascination and charm.

Castle of Treschietto near Bagnone

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The castle, now in ruins, was built in the Fourteenth century by the Marquis Malaspina. The remains of the square walls and the imposing cylindrical tower that dominates the castle are still visible. Of what was once the castle of the cruel Marquis Treschietto, exterminator of girls, remains only a horrible memory.

Castle of Bagnone

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It is massive cylinder of rock, overlooking a merchant village with its bridges and arches. It used to be the head of one of the Tuscan enclaves in Lunigiana controlling the roads and passes of the Apennines. The village was led by trade and commerce, where languages and cultures met on the Francigena road.

The Castle of Castiglione del Terziere in Bagnone

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The village of Castiglione Terziere is dominated by its castle of Medieval origin. In the Thirteenth century it is among the possessions of the Malaspina dello Spino Fiorito family. Today Loris Jacopo Bononi owns the castle, that he restored, creating the Center for Humanistic Studies “Nicholas V”, which houses an invaluable archive and a library of great value.

Castle Monti in Licciana Nardi

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This castle sits at the intersection of Via del Volto Santo towards Lucca and the road connecting Emilia Reggiana with the Francigena Road through the passage of the Abbey of Linari. Since the Middle Ages it played an important role in monitoring the road status and safety. The many works of art remained confirm the importance of this site through the centuries.

Castle of Bastia in Licciana Nardi

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The Valley of Venelia is controlled by austere castles, but this most impressive one is a mountain fortress, with towers at the sides and center. It seems to express the sense of power that castles wanted to convey to the people.

Castle Malaspina of Comano

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The castle is situated on a hill in the Averone Valley and its position through the centuries has played a foundamental security role. Today its location in the beautiful National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines provokes very evocative feelings.

Castle Aquila Gragnola in Fivizzano

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The castle overlooks and dominates the medieval village of Gragnola from a high hill.