May Fairs in Tuscany: Pescia and the Historic Palio

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OCelebration Trophy City and the Palio Storico of Mercenaries, a revival of medieval times when wars used to be a mercenary affair. The day starts at 9,30AM and ends at 11,00PM.

The Fellowship of the Crucifix in S. Mary Magdalene in collaboration with Rione S. Maria Historic Florentine Archers, have also organized 1st national tournament of medieval archery. This is a fun opportunity for those who love medieval celebrations: indeed you can assist but also participate to it!

The program is as it follows:
8.30AM: gathering, registrations and confirmations, in piazza Maddalena where you will also be given a changing room and your weapons and clothing will be checked.

To register to the tournament only is € 5.00;
Tournament registration and lunch is € 10.00;
Companions in costume and not € 12.00;
If you have a historical groups participating you are asked to bring your banners.

At 9.30AM the tournament starts in the St. Mary Cathedral Quarter, and 10 plots of varying difficulty and distance will be held. The distance may vary from from 5 to 25 meters.

The entertainment is made by musicians and flag-wavers of the District of S. Mary and the “Society of Weapons Sun and Steel” during the lunch.

At 5.00PM all the historical groups together and the representatives of the districts of the city of Pescia join in the parade with their banners in procession towards the sanctuary of St. Mary Magdalene for the ritual fill of oil for the votive lamp. After that all groups return to the headquarters of the District to change dress and greetings.

How to participate:
If you would like to enroll in Arcieri Storici contact Roberto Lamberini at +39 338.6449218 or by email [email protected]

If you woulld like to enroll in Mercenaries contact Benedetto Bonazzi at +39 333.4766950 or at +39 0572.47396 or by email [email protected]

For more information please contact the Tourism Office of Pescia at +39 0572.490919 or by email [email protected] or visit their website