More Horseback Trails in Tuscany

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Htuscany-horseback-walktwo other horseback riding trails in Tuscany on the Etruscan Coast. Two other great occasions to experience this enchanted land and its secrets in a unique way while keeping a close touch with nature and respecting the environment. An inner-peace activity to rejuvenate the spirit.

First Option

Point of departure and arrival: Rosignano Marittimo (Agriturismo San Marco)
Time: 6 to 7 hours
Distance: 35 km
Type of road: white country roads
Note: Great scenery, the perfect environment to see during spring, summer and autumn.

From Rosignano Marittimo follow the horse trail until the Badione places where you will descend towards the creek Pesciera that is dry in summer, then continue towards the Marmolaio creek that is formed by spring waters even during the hottest periods. It must be ford and in any case it represents a point of reference to let horses refresh and drink. From here the trail goes back to the hills where the Buddhist center of Pomaia is located. On Valley Lupa you will see a stone which commemorates the fall of a blimp of the Italian Navy in 1915. Shortly after you will take the paved road (for about 1.5 kilometers) to then take a left on the Via della Lespa, a dirt road. From here you can gallop on the wide, straight and slightly uphill road, which stretches for about 2 km. The route continues to Pastine through the undulating countryside, cultivated mainly with cereals. Crossing the road to go towards Pian del Quercioli there is an equipped area where to rest and cook, with tables and grills for cooking. Among other things here you will find a botanical trail and an ancient charcoal maker hut.

The horseback walk continues towards the Poggio al Pruno, another area equipped area from where to begin the descent towards Santa Luce: this stretch of the trail takes place entirely in the forest and is shaded. Here you will cross the Villa Magra, farm that specializes in the Cinta Senese pig breeding. Shortly after the trail gets to Santa Luce, and after passing through the village, it continues through the beautiful countryside of Lago Santa Luce, a LIPU (italian bird protection agency) oasis, an ideal place for birdwatching enthusiasts. After the lake you will cross the river Fine, the railroad, the highway and the SR 206 near the Consorzio Agrario. At this point one begins the ascent to return to the horse trail on the ridge just before Rosignano Marittimo.

Second option

Point of departure and arrival: Rosignano Marittimo (Agriturismo San Marco)
Time: 2 hours
Distance: 9 kilometers
Type of road: country dirt roads
Note: the trail allows to get to the coast of Rosignano. The hike is possible in wintertime, and should be avoided between April and October when the coastal area and the coastline are a tourist destination.

Departing from Agriturismo San Marco, not far from the exit of the SS1 Aurelia, the track heads towards the Vecchia Fortezza Agritourism near Le Fabbriche. From here you will follow the right side of the river Fine until Polveroni where you will take the paved road to reach, after about 1 km, the coastline with spectacular white beaches. The return, follows the same path.

Take advantage of these horseback riding suggestions to discover an enchanted corner of Tuscany that you would not be able to enjoy otherwise!