Mountain Bike Riding in Maremma

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F, historic towns and isolated monuments make the valley along the Ombrone river worth a careful visit. Here is where the Nature Reserve of the Lower Merse and Farma rivers are. This is also the ideal border between the provinces of Grosseto and Siena, including oak forests and a rich Mediterranean vegetation.

Along the banks of Ombrone the landscape becomes more gentle. Cultivated fields alternate with woods, grasslands, rows of cypress trees, and vineyards. A thick Mediterranean vegetation covers the hills of Sticciano, Batignano and Roselle, overlooking the plain of Grosseto.
Among the many historical towns worth a visit is Civitella Marittima, Casal di Pari, Pari, Paganico, Campagnatico, Sticciano, Batignano and Sasso d’Ombrone. The Etruscan and Roman city of Roselle is among the most important in Tuscany. At Terme di Petriolo start the bike trails through the Province of Siena.

Below is a list of suggested tracks through woods and towns that can be traveled on horseback, biking, or walking.

From Paganico to Campagnatico: 8 kilometers on horseback or by bicycle
On the right flowing side of the Ombrone, the route runs along dirt roads leading from the medieval walls of the village of Paganico to Campagnatico.

From Casal di Pari to Castle of Belagaio: 9 kilometers walking, riding or biking
A pleasant path on paved and dirt roads. Starts at Casal di Pari then entering the Natural Reserve of Farma.

From Casal di Pari to Pari and to the Baths of Petriolo: 9 kilometers walking, riding and biking
It is a semi-circular path towards the valley of the Merse. It begins in Casal di Pari, touches the center of Pari and ends at the Baths of Petriolo.

From Pari to Monte Antico: 11 kilometers walking, biking or horse riding
The route runs the ups and downs of Poggio di Nanni, then descends to the church and castle of Monte Antico.

From Batignano to Sticciano: 10 kilometers walking, biking or horse riding
From thew Ombrone valley reach the Poggio Valdidonna and Sticciano.

From Sticciano to Montorsaio: 9 kilometers walking, riding or biking
A similar trail to the preceding one it passes through the forests below Poggio Leoni reaching Montorsaio.

From Paganico to Montorsaio: 9 kilometers biking
A smooth road through woods and fields, paved up to a large cave to then become a dirt road. It goes from the banks of Ombrone to the scenic Montorsaio.

From Sasso d’ Ombrone to Monte Cucco: 12 kilometers biking, walking, or horse riding
Covers the hill on the left bank of the Ombrone touching the hamlet of Poggi to reach the village of Monte Cucco.

The ring of Cinigiano and Castiglioncello Bandini: 21 kilometers walking, biking or horse riding
A long loop, mostly on dirt roads on the hills of Mount Amiata.

The Paths of Monticello Amiata: 14 kilometers walking, biking or horse riding
There are various routes to explore the foothills of the western slope of Amiata. You can choose between a ring in the northern part, the path through the valley of the Zancono Stream, or that around Poggio Materaio to Salaiola.