Open Cellars and “Classico è”

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Uwine events that interest both Italy and Tuscany. Unfortunately one is gone (but will be back next year, so mark the date) and one is ongoing and will be over on June 6th. I am talking about “Classico è” that started on May 30th to last a week until June 6th, rich of events dedicated to Chianti Classico, and “Cantine Aperte” (Open Cellars), a one-day event on the last Sunday of May that interests all wine cellars of Italy, among which a great number are in Tuscany.

Cantine Aperte
Cantine Aperte, is the most important event that takes place in Italy where the protagonists are wine, its people and its territories. For the past 17 years the last Sunday of May has been dedicated to this event. On this day the cellars of the Wine Tourism Movement open their doors to the public to encourage wine lovers and amateurs to get in direct contact with producers.
The interest of the public about this event has grown considerably year by year and has increasingly attracted tourists and residents curious about the event and eager to experience a great cultural and human event.

Classico è
Eight days to discover the Chianti Classico, this is the intention of the event which is ongoing up to June 6, 2009.
“Classico è” is a tasting event for specialists and amateurs, which also includes exhibitions, music, tours and open cellars in the Classico portion of Chianti. The Gallo Nero opens its doors to accommodate a program of events connected by the fil-rouge of Chianti Classico wine. It is an occasion to discover the art, kitchen, and history of a territory that is still very much contemporary. “Classico è” is the opportunity to visit places usually closed to the public, drinking a glass of wine in the squares of Chianti or among the barrels of an ancient wine cellar. This is the first edition of “Classico è” but for sure it will become a classic as many will find the need to repeat it over time.
Find the complete program of this event in Chianti on the official website. English version.