Panettone or Pandoro Tiramisù Recipe

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Sapproaching the Christmas season it makes sense to start talking about some recipes for those gourmet eaters that do not care about dieting even during this time of the year. This recipe is indeed quite rich but so good to make you forget any fitness concern!
This is a variation of the classic Tiramisù recipe. The original recipe calls for a special kind of biscuits called Savoiardi. There also is another kind called Pavesini, which is even better than Savoiardi, but both are quite hard to find outside of Italy, unless you are lucky enough to live nearby an Italian gourmet store.
However, this time you will be using one of the two typical Italian Christmas sweets, the Panettone or the Pandoro. They are from northern Italy, the latter from Verona and the former from Milan. Tiramisù is from Siena, and from this encounter of culinary traditions you will get a delicious addition to your Tuscan recipes collection.

Start by preparing the cream of Tiramisù.
Use 20 grams of sugar every egg. We will use 6 eggs for 120 grams of sugar. You will also need 3 cups of coffee (strong, better if made with an espresso machine), half kilo of mascarpone cheese, 50 grams of chocolate powder, one pandoro, or panettone, salt.

Prepare the coffee and pour it to cool in a wide and flat oven pan. In a bowl, using an electric whisk, whip the egg yolks with half the sugar. Then add the mascarpone cheese and keep whipping until the cream is smooth and even. In a separate bowl whip the egg whites with a pinch of salt, then when they are ready (the foam sticks to the bowl perfectly) add the sugar and keep whipping for a couple of minutes.
Now, using a wooden spoon, gently combine the egg whites with the mascarpone and egg cream, and mix until it is even and smooth.

Now slice your panettone or pandoro. Using a long flat knife, cut long slices no more than one centimeter (half inch) thick. Cut as you utilize the slices, as you may end up with too much. Start dunking the slices in the coffee, flat, on both sides. This operation should be done very quickly; avoid the slice to absorb to much coffee. If you need more coffee in the process, prepare more.
In your serving bowl (better if flat and square), spread a coating of cream on the bottom. As soon as you dunk your first slice in coffee, set it on the bottom of the bowl, crating a layer. Then coat again with cream. Be generous with each coating, but do not overdo it! Keep going until you finish your cream with the top coating, which you will dust with bitter chocolate powder (a tea sieve is perfect for this task). Cover with plastic wrap or another bowl and set in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours, better if overnight.