Ponte Vecchio Challenge

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U. This is probably the mildest adjective you may think of. Crazy but brilliant surely follow the train of thoughts of anyone that for the first time hears about and sees the Ponte Vecchio Challenge.
It’s been ten years now that every year in December from the 18th to the 20th golfers from all over the world challenge each other on a very unusual “green”. These champions have to use all their precision golfing skills to make it from Ponte Vecchio to green platforms, and try their best not to make a…whole into the water! The tee is indeed off Ponte Vecchio straight over the water surface of river Arno. Special platforms with synthetic grass are anchored to the bottom of the river and float on the water surface. These are the patches of green that golfers participating to the Ponte Vecchio Challenge have to hit and make the ball stay on. It sounds and is extremely difficult, as these little island are not at all large. Players can choose among three distances from the Ponte Vecchio; the further the more points they can gain. The game develops along the course of two full days and the Round Robin Medal game formula is employed. There is a total of 12 players, each representing their own nation. They are divided into 4 groups by draw, and the first round is played as teams. The best of each group passes the first round to go into semi finals and then finals against the winners of the other groups.
The 2009 edition was won by Norwegian Ian Are Larsen, that also won the 2008 edition. Who will win the 2010? If are passionate about golf, do not miss the next December 18 to 20 in Florence! This is a great time to be in Tuscany to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere at its peak and see the wonderful city of Florence under clear winter skys in all its beauty. The inauguration ceremony is also a nice event to attend on the morning of December 18. Sky divers drop from above to land exactly on the first golfing platform.
If you would like to have a better idea of all this event in Florence, Tuscany, entails watch this video as it gives you greater insight on the Ponte Vecchio Challenge.

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