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P is a small Etruscan town that despite its size offers delicious Tuscan restaurants where to eat wonderful fresh fish recipes in addition to other inventive dishes that draw from the Tuscan culinary tradition. Here are the most prominent restaurants of the area, La Taverna di Populonia and Il Lucumone, both located in the heart of town. In both you will find wonderful service and quality at reasonable prices.

La Taverna Di Populonia Restaurant
The staff is very friendly, especially with children, also very informative and expert on the wines to be paired with each entry. The restaurant is open at lunch and dinner. At lunch time you are more likely to find a larger tourist crowd. Dinner time offers a more authentic Italian setting, with locals eating at La Taverna and sitting altogether with the owners around a table enjoying the fresh summer evening air. The restaurant has only one table indoors as all the tables are outdoors under a veranda to enjoy the landscape and the nice climate. Particularly tasty are the first entries and the salads, which are large and very varied for all tastes and a very balanced meal. Each entry is prepared fresh everyday, therefore some entries may not be available at your arrival. The advice is to get there early to pick from the very varied and original menu. If the day is particularly hot the best thing is to order a meal entirely composed of cold entries, like the salads mentioned above, the tasty and genuine cold cuts, and a platter of delicious Tuscan cheeses.

Il Lucumone Restaurant
Restaurant Il Lucumone is located in a very prestigious position, in one of the most beautiful places of Italy. The exteriors are very low profile. The restaurant is located along the main street of Populonia. But when you open the door a warm and refined atmosphere welcomes you. The owner is a nice and professional lady, friendly called Pinuccia, who proposes a innovative kitchen combined with several flavors of the Tuscan tradition. The wine selection is excellent, just like the service. This is the right place to eat fresh fish caught daily cooked in an unconventional way. The Michelin guide has given two stars to the restaurant, a very high recognition and sign of quality.
The menu changes often, and the chef prepares some surprising dishes. A few among her creations are the stuffed zucchini flowers with sheep’s milk ricotta, pumpkin puree with capers, swordfish with eggs, and a special pasta called trofie with lobster and baked sea bream. At the end of the meal there is a large array of
delicious desserts to be eaten. Prices are also very reasonable.

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