Sassicaia - Red from Maremma

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The warm and dry climate of Maremma’s infinite planes, where Butteros (Italian Cow Boys) spend their days on te back of a horse, expert farmers tender vineyards to give life to one of the best Italian red wines: Sassicaia.
Sassicaia was born by the ingenuity of an Italian marquis, Mario Incisa della Rocchetta, who had a particular taste for Cabernet Sauvignon, and wanted to create a noble wine in a land, the Maremma valley, where wine making was not yet a developed art, and where Nebbiolo and Sangiovese were the grapes of choice. Grown close to the influence of the sea, and at various altitudes, the grapes matured and produced a wine that at the beginning did not encounter much success among the locals. That is why from 1948 to 1960 the wine Sassicaia was made for the exclusive consumption of the marquis and his family.

The success of the now famous Sassicaia came when the marquis discovered that with the aging process, many “difects” turned into a positive characteristic of the wine. The first year that Sassicaia was made and sold outside the estates was 1968, when the vintage, French Oak Barrel aged wine reached the market. In subsequent years it reached world appreciation, gaining many prizes and being recognized as the initiator of the new wine wave in Italy. Thanks to Sassicaia, nowadays all Italian wine producers have confidently introduced Cabernet grapes and barrique aging in their production process.
Sassicaia is produced in Bolgheri on the San Guido estates of Marquis della Rocchetta. Sassicaia means rocky land.