Serremaggio, a Tuscan Fair

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Tfairs and celebrations that each year return renovated and enriched by events and appointments. Street artists, gastronomic events and social dinners, street costume parades, and musical events are just some examples of the many attractions taking place in medieval villages and hamlets.
Serremaggio is a town fair in its widest meaning. The entire town of Serre di Rapolano takes part to the fair. One week each year the oldest part of the town, the castle, jumps back to the middle ages to bring to life a wonderful spectacle of costume parades with flag wavers and feudal reenactments, falconers, street jugglers, armor battles and medieval street games. Food is also a fundamental protagonist of the event. From lunch to late night dinner there are wood and canvas kiosks along the tiny roads of the castle that sell local Tuscan specialties like Pecorino cheese and fava beans, Chianti wine, pastries and cakes. Additionally there are restaurants that feature both the cuisine of the lords and that of peasants. The first privileges meat dishes with spices, while the latter is based on vegetables, legumes and second choice fish. It is quite surprising to find out that many dishes of the peasant cuisine are still to be found on contemporary households. Their nutritional value and simple taste have survived the test of time.
This year 2010 celebrations of Serremaggio go from May 8th to the 16th. There fore for another 5 days you will be able to enjoy the event.
You will be able to taste middle age dishes at the Cene Povere del Tinaio on the 14th, 15th and 16th starting at 7,30 pm. Whatever available of the peasant cuisine will be served “In Taberna” in the Granaione room on the 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th starting at 7,30 pm. Medieval musicians entertain the dinner. The Taverna della Porta Sant’Andrea is available each night for dinners, just like the Taverna della Porta Sclavi and Taverna della Porta San Lorenzo. For more contemporary tastes are always available a pizza place and a spaghetti joint.
Costume reenactments worth attending is the Festa di Ciambragina. Ciambragina was the French wife of a local merchant that married her in the 14th century and brought the castle back to life thanks to his businesses.
Also not to be missed are the many street artists like jugglers, jokers, knight battles, and original alchemy cabaret shows. Finally music lovers should not miss the Orchestra a Plettro Senese on the 11th of May.