The Closing Day of Mercantia

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YMercantia 2010, and even this edition was able to deliver great passion, happiness, stupor, and artistic content of great quality. The large group of artists has invaded Certaldo for the 23rd time. Being in the streets of this magic town near Florence was like being in a Fellini movie, where a world of fantasy completely substitutes the static reality. One would have wanted to have the gift of ubiquity to be able to see all that was going on at the same time, in the squares, along the streets, inside the palaces, under the loggias, and even above the roofs.
While you are listening and dancing to splendid Gypsy music from the Balkans, you ear capture another irresistible sound someplace else; but while you are going there along the way you encounter human statues, a suspended angel glittering with blue lights, above that a tight-rope walker, and further along a human circus with crazy acrobats. While the river of people coming down the street starts dancing at a new frantic rhythm played by the street orchestra that just appeared from nowhere, you completely forget about the music that brought you away from the Balkans and dance along.
When all this makes you wish for a little rest, you can find peaceful corners where to drink and eat, or simply enjoy the extraordinary landscape from atop Certaldo. And then if you wish to learn a bit of crafts, the artisans along the streets will guide you through the first rudiments of their art.
It is very hard to picture with words what Certaldo becomes during the days of Mercantia. The video above may give you a better idea. But being there is just too overwhelmingly joyous to be conveyed through simple words and images. You have to be there, at least once!