The First Viareggio Carnival Parade of 2010

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Ycarnival parades in Viareggio. The first crazy weekend of the Tuscan city facing the sea and famous for one of the most beautiful and historic carnivals of Italy.
The floats of Viareggio are among the most sophisticated and elaborated of Italy, and perhaps the world. They move and create impressive visual effects thanks to the highest level of craftsmanship of their makers.
These are the perfect days to spend your holiday in Tuscany, as you will be bale to be in Viareggio or the Versilia area to attend this unique and majestic happiness fair. The spectacular floats and the pervading happiness are enhanced by the fair weather that characterizes the city of Viareggio. Just to confirm this, while most of Italy is under freezing cold in Viareggio the sun shines!
The following is a video that shows the 2010 creations of the First Class floats. There are various classes of floats, and of course the first-class are the most prestigious and elaborate ones, although great care is put into making all floats. Each float building team participates to the selection to win the first prize and to make the parade more spectacular each team is accompanied by a number of people dresses in theme with the float and carries out a dance at the rhythm of the chosen music for that particular float. You will see floats addressing current themes of national and international relevance, all with a lot of irony and a bit of sarcasm.

Enjoy the video, just 3 minutes long, but it will give you a good idea of the healthy fun going on in Viareggio right these days!

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