Florence Train Station (Santa Maria Novella)

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Santa Maria Novella is the name of Florence train station. Jot that down as when you are in Italy many call it by that name. You will find it just 2 minutes away walking from apartments Il Nido (http://florenceapartmentstorent.com). The station takes its name from the wonderful church situated opposite the street.

In case you are getting to Florence by train, you might be interested in knowing something more about it. It’s a large size train station, the fourth largest in Italy, and handles 57 million passengers each year. Here you can find anything you need. There is a pharmacy, some shopping stores and fast foods and coffee shops to have a full breakfast or meal.

the train station in florence

The Main Hall at Florence Station

There are about 20 tracks and about 4 are located to the extreme left of the station (watching the tracks), on a separate platform. This is an important detail since at times you can get lost and and miss your train looking for these tracks. For instance, often times regional trains traveling to Siena depart from here.

You can access the train station from two sides. One is near the bus station across the street, while the other is the main access from Piazza della Stazione. If you need to catch a bus to Siena or other areas of Tuscany, remember to go right when leaving the tracks.

There are useful automatic ticket machines right in front of the tracks: just select English and you are good to go. You can even pay with your credit or debit card. If you would like a clerk assisting you, or are traveling with the fast trains, the ticket counters are located to the right of the tracks in a large hall. Here you will also find other automatic ticket machines.

Some lines are bus operated although they still belong to the train authority. Like the line that takes you to Piombino. You will get these buses exiting the ticket hall.

I can’t think of anything else about Florence train station right now, so please let me know you you have any specific question you would like answered! Have a safe trip!