Tuscan Bean Soup

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Ok the first thing is: there is NO MEAT in the making of the true TUSCAN BEAN SOUP.

The Bean Soup is a traditional Tuscan dish, and its origins are unknown. For as far as it’s known, the Tuscan bean soup is a country dish, born back at the time when Tuscan people had very little to eat but few inexpensive things the fields would give them (the left over from what the land owners would get from them).

In essence the Tuscan bean soup is a very simple dish, but for this reason extremely healthy. I advice not to experiment too much with spices or other ingredients, as beans have a delicate taste when cooked in the soup, and you may miss the taste that makes the Tuscan bean soup so special.

Ok, enough of this, and here is the true and original recipe for the true Tuscan Bean Soup:

Recipe for 4 people:

3 spoonfulls of olive oil, one onion, two cloves of garlic, one carrot, two sticks of celery, two fresh diced tomatoes (1 cup and 1/4), some sage leaves, fresh beans (2 cups and 1/2), some rosemary. If you add fried Tuscan bread crutons you will toucg the heaven! Salt as needed.

Slice the onion, the carrots, the garlic and chop the celery , then set them on a slow flame on the range with the olive oil. They should fry slowly and gently. After some mnutes add the fresh tomatoes and some leaf of sage altogether with the beans. Add a quarter of water and set it to boil. Then lower the flame and cook for 45 minutes. Once the beans are cooked, get half of them and pass them in the vegetable strainer, then put them back in the pot. To give more flavour and aroma to your Tuscan bean soup add one spoonfull of oil, one clove of garlic, and some fresh rosemary. Salt to taste.

Now that you have prepared your best Tuscan Bean Soup, you can serve it to your guests with the bread crutons on top, and a line of olive oil swirled on top. This recipe is good for your diet, healthy and rich with good calories, proteins, carbohydrates, and taste. There are several ways to prepare the Tuscan bean soup, but believe me this is the easiest and truest of all!

watch the video!!
[youtube DWQL5lPruQo]