Tuscan Bollito Misto Recipe

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Tboiled mixed meat, is an aristocratic dish, a combination of boiled mixed cuts accompanied by various delicious sauces, which has always appeared as a main course in sumptuous banquets. It is not to be mistaken for “lesso”, which in Tuscan farmhouses was “just a piece of boiled meat” used to make stock for everyday soups. Bollito misto is usually prepared at Christmas and in special occasions when the colder weather starts towards the end of October and continues through the end of February.

800 grams of mixed young beef cuts including steak trimmings, the muscle, flank, half chicken, 1 veal’s tongue, 1 pig’s trotter, 1 tail, a small bunch of parsley, 1 onion, 1 celery stalk, 1 carrot, 3 tomatoes, salt, pepper.

Fill a big pot with at least 3 liters of water and the beef cuts. At boiling point, add salt and pepper, the parsley and the vegetables. Simmer for approximately 90 minutes, then add the chicken and leave to boil until it’s cooked. The filtered broth is excellent for making soup. Place the tongue the tail and the trotter in a separate pot and cook in the same way. It is better to cook these cuts separately, otherwise they would spoil the beef broth. All the meat, drained from its broth, is sliced and served with traditional sauces. Besides salsa verde, in Chianti other sauces are traditionally served with boiled meat: one is a “mostarda” made from must, fresh and candied fruit and spicy mustard; another is the “agresto“, made from unripe grapes and dried fruit crushed in a mortar.