Tuscany for The Single Traveller

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T dream holiday destination for couples, and many a wedding, through out the years. But as the single woman traveller, how can you make Tuscany work for you on just one budget? We give the lone traveller a few tips and tricks to do it all by herself.

Where to Spend Your Nights
Travelling by yourself often means a smaller budget to spend on accommodation. So, we suggest going low key. Bed and breakfasts are a great option, but in tourist hotspots like Florence and Pisa they can be a bit pricey. To save some extra cash, try staying at a convent in the area. Not only do you get all the amenities you need, your room and bathroom will be spotless. And with safety not a problem, you’ll sleep extra tight.

For a more rustic stay, opt for working on a farm in the Tuscan countryside. You’ll be working about 6 hours per day for free, but the host family will set you up nicely with free accommodation and hot meals. You will have weekends all to yourself to explore the towns and see the sights.

Where to Spend Your Money
Tuscany is a shoppers paradise, and being home to a thriving textile industry has made it quite the hotspot for fashion. The budget-conscious lady will want to hit one of the 3 big factory stores near Florence. Try The Mall or the Barberino Fashion Outlet to get original pieces by labels like Prada and Gucci reduced by up to 70%.

And, trust us - after a day’s shopping here, you’ll want to make sure you have great baggage cover. These kinds of prices don’t come around too often.

Where to Spend Your Time
Your Tuscan getaway deserves a trip to the spa. But don’t worry about spending a cent. Simply head off to one of the natural springs in the area. We like the quaint village of Saturnia. It boasts two resorts called the Cascate del Mulino and Gorello, where the water bubbles up naturally from the earth at a delightful 37°C.

Apart from that, Tuscany is filled with a host of historical gems to see. Florence is rich with old world beauty and the perfect backdrop for a cup of coffee. The Leaning Tower in Pisa is also worth a visit, but be warned, going up the tower will require some cash. However if you’re running low, a picnic on the grass next to it won’t cost you a thing.

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