Tuscany Spas, a Day in Chianciano

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DTerme Sensoriali, or Sensorial Spas, in Chianciano terme takes less time than you would expect. Once you know all the great treatments you can enjoy in there, you will feel like going and never leaving these Tuscany spas.
The Terme Sensoriali are located in the Acqua Santa park in Chianciano, a wonderful garden filled with peace, silence and many secular trees that isolate from the rest of the world in a dimension without time. Wellness and beauty are a creed that gets their best expression at these Tuscany spas. At the hart of this garden are the enclosed thermal spas, with one outdoor hydromassage pool that overlooks the perfectly groomed and lush garden. Walking up the stairs to the entrance one is greeted with the relaxing sound of falling water, while in winter nights the hot steam fills the flood lit pools with magical enchantment.
Right at the entrance you are welcomed by a professional multilingual receptionist that explains the various treatments included in the price and how to get the most beneficial effects from these Tuscany spas. The scents of essential oils envelop your mind in a cocoon of relaxing feelings, and you are ready to go to the large dressing room and wear the provided robe and slippers to start your sensorial journey.
There are many wellness trails to go through, each beneficial to a particular state you want to achieve: energizing, relaxing, draining, and so on. Or you can proceed without a rule. The large indoor hydromassage pool slides its doors to let you pass outdoors without ever getting out of the water. Here cascading waters will massage you from above, bubble streams caress your skin, and if it is not enough the saline pool will give you the feeling of no gravity allowing you an effortless floating experience. Another wonderful experience is to be tried in the colored light pool, with underwater music. Float there with your ears below the water and the music will lead you to a great inner peace.
The steam baths are scented with eucalyptus, and are an excellent treatment to relax. Just like the Finnish sauna, right in front of the ice cascade and the mint nebulization shower, such a lovely contrast after so much heat. The sensorial shower are also an enjoyable experience. Hot and cold water streams and nebulizations alternate accompanied by different light colors and scents, a must try!
The Etruscan sauna reminds much of the Roman calidarium, a lovely place to relax and chit chat while moderately sweating. After these section you can relax in the relax corner, where you will be offered different kinds of herbal infusions with various therapeutic properties. Here deck chairs will let you relax or even nap lulled by the sweet music and the view of the wonderful park through the all-window walls.
The second section of these Tuscany spas offer the chromotherapy (different color lights on the ceiling accompany classical music while you relax on a fluffy siege-long. Mesmerizing!), the two aromatherapy rooms, the introspection room (a really special place for meditation).
The third section includes the therapeutic muds and the energetic pyramid. The muds are in perfect Roman style, with three kinds to cover your body with and then relax on the warm marble, while relaxing music and low lights offer a great relaxation to all your body.

After a Tuscany spas experience like this you will feel rejuvenated, reinvigorated, and your mood will be significantly better. The price is 38 Euros per person, 45 Euros on weekends, but it is strongly advisable to go during weekdays as the weekend is extremely busy and not at all a good experience.

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