Walking Around Florence

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Yesterday I was in Florence for a pre-shopping-spree-madness tour. Starting January 7th, all stores are having a sale that continues until spring (with increasingly less merchandise at increasingly higher discounts). Never mind if everything is just 10% off, you will see some crazy lines outside shops. Needless to say, I had to get to Florence before the 7th to enjoy some quiet shots of the city.

I got there by train, on a slow and warm regional train, almost empty. It was nice to be inside dashing through the frozen countryside while the outside temperature steadily stayed at minus 6 Celsius (21 F). I could take shots of some nice Tuscan villas and frosted fields. They will work as nicely contrasting images when the summer days come and show another beautiful side of this land.

When I got to the Florence city center I was saluted by the splendid scenery of the Christmas tree in the Duomo Square! Now that this area is reserved to pedestrians only, everything is much more quiet and enjoyable. Everyone was taking a shot of the tree and the facade of the Duomo, and of course I was among them! I then continued my stroll through the San Lorenzo street market, filled with souvenirs and local production items, to continue on to Piazza della Repubblica with its old-style merry-go-round. I headed to Piazza della Signoria passing through the Lungarni and Ponte Vecchio. I will never understand why the Uffizi gallery always has a 200-yard line outside. Would it not be much simpler to reserve online and get in upon arrival? The line should be a thing of the past.

My photo tour ended at Piazza del Duomo, my starting point, with a picture of the Gate of Paradise, by the Ghiberti father and son.

Here you have the photo slide. Click on a pic to skip to the next immediately. Enjoy!

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