Wine to Save The Children

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The Castle of Volpaia in Tuscany helps Save the Children with their best wine production.

What is Save the Children?
Save the Children takes action in the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia. In Tigray 85% of the population lives in rural areas and depends on agriculture as a livelihood. Despite the efforts made by local authorities to improve children’s access to basic education and combat the risk of poverty and the spread of HIV and AIDS, many districts are still in dire straits.
Save the Children operates in the district of Enderta, where only 68% of school-age children have access to schools. The overall project objective is to increase school access opportunities to a basic education level in rural areas. The focus is on giving an education of equal quality as of that taught in cities, especially to girls, usually left behind.
Volpaia destines 100% of its best wine, “Il Puro” production to Save the Children. Funds raised through donations combined with the sale of Il Puro by Volpaia contribute to the construction of four schools, their furniture, toilets, teaching materials, and 4 wells for water supply.
The project helps 960 children from four community schools, while there is a total of eight thousand people that indirectly benefit from the intervention of Save the Children.
The collaboration with Save the Children is the essence of the philosophy of Volpaia. The contemporary farmer has to protect the environment around and this includes increasing the positive impact of activities on the entire planet.
Bottles of Il Puro will be offered to all those who make a donation to the project “Community Education in Tigray”. Or you can buy now one of the exclusive 1,483 bottles of Il Puro. It will be delivered for free depending on your location. It is a great wine awarded as the best from the best Chianti Classico wines. Visit this link to buy a bottle now.

What is Il Puro?
It means “The Pure”. It is a pure Sangiovese wine from strictly organic vineyard cultivations in the village of Volpaia. It is also the first wine at zero CO2 emissions. This Chianti Classico is the demonstration of how wine making can be done in total respect of the local natural territory.
The characteristics of Il Puro are a deep ruby red color, with a very elegant bouquet characterized by cherry and violet accents typical of Sangiovese, with an after smell of vanilla and chocolate. The taste is soft, silky, intriguing, and fruity with a very long aftertaste. The wine is aged 18 months in new French barrels of oak from the Allier forest.