A Day at Calidario Thermal Baths

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TEpiphany have been the perfect addition to an already perfect day of relax at Calidario. I had been at these Tuscan thermal baths in Venturina before, but I had never taken full advantage of all it offers and stayed the residence.
I have to say that overall it was a very good experience, but some things could have easily been better. I decided to get there during the weekend of January 9, and got lucky. It was the closing day of the season (they open again on March 8), thus the residence was offered at 45 Euros per night per person instead of 75. In addition, guests of the residence get a discount on both the restaurant and the wellness center entrance, in addition to total free access to the thermal pond that would have cost 18 Euros for the day. The wellness center was 22 Euros instead of 38. So I got lucky for the double saving, and I wish I had known about this well in advance to let you know here on the blog.

The Calidario residence has rooms and apartments. Apartments are reserved for weekly stays only, so I got a room, which is set in a remodeled Tuscan farmhouse and displays its rural origins with stained wooden furniture, wooden pillar and cotto tile ceilings, and the country-style bathroom. The entrance door is a large window facing the garden and the portico with a personal table and chairs. In addition I found that the temperature control was very efficient and the bed really comfortable. The TV was very small, but I did not mind as I wasn’t there to watch TV!

The outdoor thermal pond is absolutely fantastic, large and features very pleasurable waterfalls. The water is clear and the fine gravel bottom gently massages your feet. There also is an indoor entrance that seamlessly leads from a warm pool out into the pond.
The wellness center, called Thermarium, was not as I expected, although still very nice. However, I would not spend 38 Euros for it. The ambient is very relaxing, but quite small, so that you have to take turns to get in. There are two 3 hours slots during the afternoon to choose from. I recommend picking the one from 1 pm until 4 pm, as it is less crowded. You also need to let them know which one you are choosing in advance as only 50 people are allowed each turn. The wellness center features a large Finnish sauna and steam bath room, cold water showers to refresh after the sauna and an awesome mist shower. The showers and steam bath are supposed to be scented with essential oils, but they were not. Lastly there is a medium size Roman-style pool with waterfalls and water massages. All around it are the siege-long to relax, and a hot herbal tea is available to all. If you wish, you may also purchase a half hour massage prior to your entrance in the Thermarium. After visiting Chianciano Terme and its Terme Sensoriali, which cost exactly the same, these ones could offer more, such as a more silent relax area, better steam baths and showers.

Overall I still recommend a night or two at the Calidario getting a room at the residence. The restaurant is on the expensive side, but everything is absolutely fantastic. Calidario is be the perfect retreat for a short relax off the beaten road, perhaps while you are on your way from a busy week in Florence to the relaxing Tuscan seaside, just 5 kilometers away from Calidario.

Here are the pictures I took: