Fashion School in Tuscany

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Tfashion and product design industry. Italian fashion is famous all over the world thanks to designers like Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Prada, Valentino, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana, just mention the most famous ones. Prato is one of the most important textile centers of the entire country.
Italy is the land of creativity, a characteristic that emerges in many areas of fashion, not only with clothing but also with home design, with names such as Alessi, and car design with Ferrari and Pininfarina.

If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer, working in the fashion world, being part of the fashion marketing, organizing events or even becoming a fashion photographer, in Florence you will find one of the best fashion schools of Italy, called Polimoda.

The Polimoda Institute in Florence is one of the best fashion schools in Europe. It specialized in fashion design and fashion marketing, and offers several courses designed to investigate various aspects of the fashion world. Polimoda offers its students postgraduate diplomas, masters, summer schools and specialist courses for different professional profiles in the fashion field, from clothing design to product marketing.

Some of the fashion courses at Polimoda include an under graduate in Fashion Design, International Fashion Marketing, and Design of Footwear and Accessories.

Among the most popular masters at the fashion school are the Master in Fashion Marketing Communication, Master in International Marketing, Master in Fashion Retail Management and the Master in Luxury Management.

Here is the complete list of courses in fashion and here the contacts at Polimoda school to get all the information you need on programs and costs.

Studying at Polimoda is a great way to kick start a new career, do a study-experience abroad in a prime school, take a summer course while visiting Tuscany, or take a semester off to explore new professional horizons prior to making your final career decision.
Do not forget that Polimoda is in Florence, a wonderful city that each year offers an exciting lot of opportunities for young students and experienced professionals to broaden their minds on various levels of social, cultural and artistic comprehension. Take advantage, be there!