Remodeling the Apartment

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WOW! The process of remodeling the apartment is taking longer than expected. The hardest part is over, but there are still a lot of details to take into account to make it the perfect nest for two in Florence.

August was the month of scraping and brushing. I scraped the entire apartment:I ate so much dust! I brought the walls back to their original whiteness, then I whitewashed the entire house twice. The ceiling killed me, but I guess it was fun in a way. To see the apartment become all nice and clean again made me proud and gave me strength to keep on!

The best part was when I painted the second color on the lower part of the kitchen and the bedroom. I love the contrast between the sharp white and the warm earthly yellow ocher color. It is reminiscent of the red roofs all around. The thin, more intense, line I draw to separate the white and the yellow produces a nice result.
I really like the way it came out. This wall painting technique is quite old in Italy, but I think it combines both simplicity and sophistication, while adding a touch of warmth to a home.

I did not paint in yellow the small living room so it is more sunny, but I did frame the doors with the color so to give more continuity with the other rooms of the apartment.

I sill have a lot to take care of, like finishing up the armoire, cleaning up the wood beams in the bedroom (I accidentally whitewashed them…), placing all the accessories in the bathroom, and setting all the appliances up to work flawlessly.

But I am particularly proud of the nice lamps I bought. I set up the one in the kitchen and in the bathroom, and they are lovely. They are made in ceramic and hand painted, produced by a firm near Florence. They ad such a rustic and homely touch that I feel good just by looking at them!

I almost forgot the door of the apartment! It took me ages to complete it. It is an old, very robust and heavy door. It had five or six layers of paint on it, which of course made my job a pain! I had to scrub and sand until my elbows hurt, but the resulting decoupage effect is much more interesting than before.

Well, I hope to finish it all up in a couple of weeks, so I can be ready to welcome all-ya-faithful in this cozy apartment in splendid Florence!