What to Buy at San Lorenzo Market

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san lorenzo market

San Lorenzo Market through a street in Florence

Taking a look outside the windows of your apartment in Florence, you will immediately notice the lively market below your eyes: kiosk after kiosk with passersby and sellers calling them to sell their goods.
In time the market has changed its appearance quite a bit. It used to be open just on weekends and each kiosk would sell its own artisan handicrafts, which would range from pottery to garments, to ceramics and so forth.

Nowadays the market is open everyday, and the items sold are mostly leather goods, clothing and accessories. Since Florence has had a name for leather goods for many decades now, you should definitely see if you can find nice bags, purses, or book covers made of leather. Some like to buy sketch books with rough paper and a hard leather cover for their drawings or as a guest book.

Silk goods are also a good buy. You can definitely find good priced scarfs and shirts at the San Lorenzo street market.

I would not suggest getting into any souvenir like t-shirts, hats or jumpers about Florence. They are overpriced and you can find them anywhere.

The street market develops from Piazza del Mercato until Piazza San Lorenzo, and its prices are average. However, always bargain with the seller. If you do not, it means you can pay almost any price and you will certainly pay an extra for this.

Even if you do not want to buy anything, have a walk through the street market during the early opening hours. You will see sellers unravel their boxed kiosks on wheels that soon blossom into full fledged shops with all sorts of colors and goods. It’s a great way to have a taste of real life in Florence.